"Dyson, she trusts him so much and he’s just this really grounded being that she can go to, and they just have a deep affection for each other and a mutual respect, I think.

"And with Lauren, there’s just so much heat between them; there’s so much passion between them. But Lauren’s got a lot of explaining to do. The end of season there was pretty dramatic. But there being such a chemistry, that doesn’t really get shaken. Everything around it gets shaken so they have to constantly repair that, but they don’t ever have to repair the chemistry."

Anna Silk on Season 3/Season 4

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Cate Blanchett wins the Oscars on more than one level

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You’ll never see the beauty until you have seen Italy.
country that has so much beauty as pain.

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Let’s take a look at Delphine


Even tho we don’t see Delphine’s face properly, through her gestures you can feel her sadness, her pain.


The way she caresses her, it’s so heartbreakiing and Cosima just letting her do it aaargh, because she trusts her it’s really beautiful and sad.




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"This is MY biology. It’s MY decision."

Orphan Black Season Two airs 4.19.14 on BBC AMERICA. Follow OrphanBlackTV on Instagram for daily premiere sneak peeks.


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Well, the scores are given by the judges so I am not in the right position to comment on it. There’s nothing that will change with my words. The most important thing for me is to participate in these Games. This was my last participation in the competition, so I’m happy with that.
Yuna Kim, 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist (via edge-triggered)

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When Lauren speaks for the fandom :p

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